The Mohawk Trail

Coltsfoot Mountain

Starting from the parking area at Rte 4 and Rte 7 in Cornwall Bridge, cross the bridge and find Dark Entry Rd.  Follow the road upwards, a vigorous climb, to its end.  Here the trail follows a stream on an old logging road, crossing the stream and continuing on a rocky, somewhat inconsistently marked section which follows the stream on the right.  This is private property and hikers are required to stay on the trail.  The trail passes a waterfall and recrosses the stream heading gradually uphill.  A series of stepping stones help the hiker avoid some wet ground in several sections.  The trail curls left around a large collection of boulders and heads uphill again to the first outlook.
The trail follows the ridgetop of Coltsfoot Mountain, finally turning sharply right and descending via switchbacks to the valley floor.  Here the trail turns left and follows the base of the ledge to a marshy area which signals arrival in Cornwall.  The hiker is expected to avoid wet feet by staying on boards, stepping stones, and an old concrete barrier before crossing a bridge, more soggy ground, and finally following a perimeter fence to the intersection with Jewell St. in Cornwall.